15-819/18-879L: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems

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15-819N: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems (Spring 2011)
18-879L: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems (Spring 2011)
Instructor: André Platzer
Units: 12
Semester: Spring 2011
Time: Tue, Thu 3:00-4:20 (note change)
Place: NSH 3002 (note change)
Blackboard: blackboard (only for grades)
This course is cross-listed in Computer Science as 15-819N in the Advanced topics in Programming Language area. It is also cross-listed in Electrical & Computer Engineering as 18-879L in the Special Topics in Systems and Controls area at Carnegie Mellon University
Hybrid Systems Analysis & Design


Date Lecture Assignment Reading
Tue 01/11   Hybrid Systems Applications none none
Thu 01/13   Dynamical Systems none none
Tue 01/18   Hybrid Systems none App C
Thu 01/20   Hybrid System Examples none Ch 1more
Tue 01/25   Differential Equations none App B
Thu 01/27   First-Order Logic none App A
Tue 02/01   Quantifier Elimination none App D.2.1-2
Thu 02/03   First-Order Real Arithmetic I none App D.2.1-2
Tue 02/08   First-Order Real Arithmetic II Asst 1 App D.2.1-2
Thu 02/10   Real Algebraic Geometry none App D.2.2‑3
Tue 02/15   Hybrid Systems Model Checking none HSCC'07
Thu 02/17   Logic & Hybrid Programs none Ch 2.1-2.2
Tue 02/22   Hybrid Program Semantics none Ch 2.3
Thu 02/24   Differential Dynamic Logic Asst 2 Ch 2.2‑2.5.2
Tue 03/01   Logical Proof Rules I none Ch 2.2‑2.5.2
Thu 03/03   Logical Proof Rules II none Ch 2.5
Tue 03/08   Spring Break none
Thu 03/10   Spring Break none
Tue 03/15   ETCS Verification Asst 3 Ch 7
Thu 03/17   Image Computation Problem none HSCC'07
Tue 03/22   Differential-Algebraic Constraints none Ch 3.2
Thu 03/24   Differential-Algebraic Dynamic Logic Whitepaper Ch 3.3
Tue 03/29   Differential Invariants I none Ch 3.5
Thu 03/31   Differential Invariants II Asst 4 Ch 3.5
Tue 04/05   Logic for Distributed Hybrid Systems none CSL'10
Thu 04/07   Compositional Verification of Distributed Hybrid Systems none CSL'10
Tue 04/12   Tutorial (David Renshaw) none ICFEM'11
Thu 04/14   Spring Carnival none
Tue 04/19   Distributed Hybrid Systems Verification none CSL'10
Thu 04/21   Soundness Proposal Ch 2.6
Tue 04/26   Differential Temporal Dynamic Logic none Ch 4
Thu 04/28   Completeness none Ch 2.7
Fri 05/06   Final Projects Due Project
The slides do not contain all material that has been covered in class. They reflect some part of the topic. The material is covered in detail in the book [1].


The chapters indicated above refer to the textbook
  1. André Platzer.
    Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems:
       Proving Theorems for Complex Dynamics.
    Springer, Heidelberg, 2010. 426 pages. ISBN 978-3-642-14508-7.
    [bib | | doi | book | web | errata | abstract]

Book: Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems