15-424: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems (Sp'17)

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Table of Contents
  1. Final Project Schedule
  2. Project Teasers
  3. Awards

Final Project Schedule

The Spring 2017 students of the CMU 15-424/624/824 Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems course are competing in the CPS V&V Grand Prix with the following self-defined final course projects on CPS verification.
GHC 6115, Carnegie Mellon University

1:00-1:10  Welcome Remarks André Platzer

1:10-2:10  First Session: Theory for Dynamic Logics

1:10Inductive Extensions to dL
[paper | slides] Ananya Kumar
1:25Dependency Analysis for Hybrid Programs
[paper | slides | study] Yong Kiam Tan
1:40Cheat Codes for Hybrid Games
[paper | slides] Rachel Holladay
1:55 Affine Dynamic Logic
[paper | slides] Vishant Prabhakaran

2:10-2:40   Second Session: Verified Amusement

2:10RollerCoaster Tycoon X: Like the Original, but Safer
[paper | slides | study] Adriel Luo & Xue An Chuang
2:252D Game Design as CPS
[paper | slides | study] Vidya Narayanan

2:40-3:00   Break

3:00-3:45   Third Session: (Space)Ship Verification

3:00What's up, Dock? Provably Safe Boat Maneuvers
[paper | slides | study] William Ganucheau
3:15Apollo 18: The KeY to the Next Mission to the Moon
[paper | slides | study] Richard Zhu & Jon Xia
3:30Ship Outta Luck
[paper | slides | study] Jordan Tick and Irene Li

3:45-4:15   Fourth Session: KeYmaera X Advances

3:45Implementing Virtual Substitution for KeYmaera X
[paper | study] Manuel Fernández
4:00A KeYmaera X Visualizer
[paper | slides | study] Chris Yu

4:15-4:45   Fifth Session: Performing Arts

4:15In the Spotlight: Verifying Automated Follow-Spots used in Theatrical Environments
[paper | slides | study] Rebecca Jesurum
4:30Dance Without Embarrassing Yourself: A Cooperative Hybrid System
[paper | slides | study] Nazlı Uzgur & Tia Jiang

4:45-5:00   Break

5:00-5:30   Judges in Closed Session

5:30-6:00   Presentation of Awards

Project Teasers

These images are shared by the respective students in the course to illustrate the topic of their final projects.


In an amazingly tough competition with numerous verification rockstar quality projects, the judges finally settled on the following awards:
  1. Adriel Luo & Xue An Chuang
  2. Chris Yu
  3. William Ganucheau
Honorable Mentions: